Dark Chocolate + Caramel Raspberry Cups

Dark Chocolate + Caramel Raspberry Cups Valentine's Day Vegan www.thepamperedvegan.com

Oh, hi!


Weird.  Looks like we actually have a recipe today.  Unlike what I made yesterday and a recipe I made last week that never made it to this space.

Dark Chocolate + Caramel Raspberry Cups | Valentine's Day | Vegan | www.thepamperedvegan.comWhen you make a recipe and have to taste test it 15 times to figure out if it’s just “okay” or “really good” that probably means it’s just “okay.”

When you make a recipe and “taste test” 15 bites because you just can’t stop, what you have is definitely “really good.”

You with me?

Dark Chocolate + Caramel Raspberry Cups | Valentine's Day | Vegan | www.thepamperedvegan.comAfter 2 recent flops I was on pins + needles waiting for these to freeze (as evidenced by the melty centers shown above; patience is obviously not my strong suit.)  I thought it was going to be a disaster from the start.  Way to be optimistic, eh?

The idea sounded doable but I wasn’t really sure how many raspberries to put in the mixture, how liquefied it would end up, and then if the chocolate would actually solidify on top of it.


I cooked the raspberry + chia seed mixture and it was way juicier than I was thinking it should be, but I kept on with the plan.

I poured the chocolate overtop and thought, that doesn’t look like enough.  Ahh!  But in the freezer it went.

These were tricky because I kind of needed to wait for the photo shoot to be complete before giving it a taste test. And I had to keep rushing them back to the freezer so they would re-solidify…I won’t lie, they were being a tad uncooperative.

Toppling over,  oozing out the center of the cups…

Dark Chocolate + Caramel Raspberry Cups | Valentine's Day | Vegan | www.thepamperedvegan.comAll the while wondering if I’m wasting my time shooting a terrible tasting Dark Chocolate + Caramel Raspberry treat.

Finally, the shoot was over. Back in the freezer they went (albeit not for long) and then I realized after the 15th “taste test” that these was “really good!”

As in, I could not stop eating them.

Ziv went back to the freezer a few days later asking “where are those chocolate things you made?”

Oh my sweet darling boy, those were gone dayyyyyyyyyys ago.. Oops :)

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