Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Bake

Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Bake | Vegan | Gluten Free |

Well hello there! Welcome back to reality after another long holiday weekend! Well, some of you are probably still on holiday until next Monday. (<—–Jealous!!) Although I will say this: The light traffic on my drive to work is a huge bonus. So feel free to stay off the roads people! Just sayin’. I for […]

Black Bean + Sweet Potato Quesadillas

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Quesadillas | Vegan |

Isn’t it cruel that I’m dangling these photos of scrumptious quesadillas in front of you several hours after dinner on a weeknight? If I were a better planner, I would have posted this recipe yesterday morning. Then you could have made these for dinner and had leftovers for lunch today. Oops? Well, I figure – it’s Monday, […]

Chia Fresca

Chia Fresca

Do you remember approximately 4 years ago when no one was talking about or eating chia seeds?  Or kale?  Or a million different varieties of nut butter? Or hemp anything? I’m sure some people were, but these food items weren’t exactly cruising mainstream. Now we’re all, kaaaaale salaaaad. all. day. long. (with a side of […]